Bach Flower consult

Harmonize the Emotional Body

Harmonize your emotional body with a Bach Flower consult. 

What are Bach flower remedies?
These natural, non-habit-forming remedies, made from flowers and plants, were originally developed in the 1930s by revered British doctor, homeopath, and bacteriologist Edward Bach. Working in a way that is similar to homeopathy, they have been used ever since to help balance emotions — and, in doing so, allowing the body and mind to focus on healing themselves. Bach flower remedies (also called “essences”) are singular in their combination of efficacy and safety in the treatment of emotions: they will not interfere with other medications, and they can be even used by pets. 

What does a consult look like?

After filling out a questionnaire, our trained practitioner will use a Bioresonance device to determine which remedy is going to help balance and harmonize your emotional body