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Elevate Spa was birthed after a transformational experience of learning how to gain my health back following a long struggle with chronic illness. 

Here is my story, I hope it gives you hope and inspires you to activate healing within and most importantly know that vibrant health is attainable.

Just shy of my 26th birthday, at the height of my career as a healthcare administrator, my life forever changed. It all started with catching the flu, and rapid sequence of debilitating symptoms suddenly followed this flu-like episode. Over the next 5 years I experienced a variety of symptoms such as chronic flu sensations, serious immune system dysfunctions, sporadic hearing loss, sudden limb paralysis, chronic stabbing pain, frequent seizures and debilitating fatigue that made even standing in the shower feel like an impossible task… I saw many Doctors, all giving me varying diagnoses and labels that left no room for a cure. I hit dead end after dead end and I was getting progressively worse. The fear of having to accept that this was my new life was starting to look like reality. 

My strong faith in Jesus Christ gave me not only the strength and perseverance to continue to fight for my health, but it was also was my leading source of direction throughout this battle. I was divinely guided every step of the way. I started researching day and night and I developed a strong belief that the body can heal itself given the correct tools and environment. The more I researched the more I learned about frequency, vibration and light and how we are electrical beings. I learned how essential it is for our bodies voltage to be properly maintained. This was fascinating to me and it led me to realize the choices we make in our life regarding our daily habits all impact our cellular voltage, we are either having electrons donated, or stolen from us constantly. We have power to impact our cellular voltage all in our lifestyle choices, the foods we put in our bodies, the thoughts we think, our exposure to dangerous emfs, we have the ability to use natures natural ability to charge our cells. We just need to be educated. How can we help ourselves if we don’t understand the impact of our lifestyle choices?

Once I started to grasp this information I decided to reject the prognosis’s given to me and labels of various incurable illnesses. I started to understand the power of belief and chose to believe that I would reach health again. From that moment on I stopped chasing a diagnosis and starting searching for methods to repair and support my bodies ability to heal itself. 

My healing finally propelled when I was introduced to a form of frequency therapy. I stopped taking various medications and employing the treatments that were failing me. I started a regimen of supportive nutrition, natural remedies, emotional work, and, most importantly, targeted energy response techniques that led to my recovery. Within four months of starting this new, natural treatment, the seizures stopped, and my recovery began. I was healed using new methods, where the traditional avenues of healing had failed me for years and financially, cost me everything. 

I felt a duty to export my experience to help others live a better life by combining a traditional spa experience with the methods and technologies that saved my life.” 

There is something for everyone here. Whether you are looking for relaxation therapy, rejuvenation, a boost to your system or a fresh new start, our technology is safe and non-invasive. I believe the future of self-care is here, and I want it to be accessible

to all! I welcome you to experience an elevated spa and see for yourself how you can live better.



Frequency Therapist

Emily’s passion comes from her own personal struggles with health, she transformed her struggles into an opportunity to learn how to bring her body back into balance physically, emotionally and spiritually.  She gained deep wisdom in the process of healing and integrating transformation to gain radical changes. 


Emily has a background as a trained professional dancer, her connection and knowledge of the body has fueled her to facilitate an outlet for others to heal through movement with the power of the mind- body – spirit relationship. After undergoing major physical ailments that prevented her from moving her body, she explored alternative ways of healing once no success was found with traditional medicine. It was not until she found frequency therapy with elevate founder Grace that she was able to experience major breakthroughs in her health and get her life back.

This revolutionary discovery and experience has led her to complete her training as a frequency therapist at elevate spa. With great excitement and passion to be able to assist others in their healing journey.

Emily specializes in somatic movement and recovery from acute injuries. She holds a plethora of knowledge in using nutrition to heal and coaching others to tune into their own ability to heal.

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frequency therapist

After gaining 12 years of experience with many healing modalities and techniques she is thrilled to be able to work one on one with clients at elevate.

Her experience was rooted in her own healing journey where she learned the way to better health through accessing stored negative emotions, the importance of a nutrient dense diet and utilizing frequency and vibration to shift your current state. Her own experience caused her to realize how much power we have to shift and transform our own health.

Sheila is certified trauma informed as well as many other trainings and certificates in frequency therapy. Her passion lies in connecting deeply to her clients and guiding them through the aspects of emotional release.



Frequency Therapist

Steve is a certified Christian Life Coach who also holds his certification as a mental health coach. His passion is guiding and leading others to their alignment and connection to God. In addition to his certifications, he has spent numerous years as a youth ministry leader. In his spare time Steve can be found in the outdoors, and traveling for competitive fishing.



Nutritional coach

Nicole completed her Nutritional coaching certification from IIN- The Institute for integrative nutrition and later completed a course on bio energetic testing from the office of Dr. Mark Mincolla. 

Her interest in nutrition began after a diagnosis of breast cancer at age 36. Being a mother of 3 she was ready to make whatever changes necessary to assist her body in moving into health.

Realizing that food was the one thing she could control in that moment, she had the awareness that each food she put in her mouth was either healing her or feeding disease. Through her journey and studies she realized that it does not just pertain to cancer, but all disease. The gut microbiome is a key factor in health.

She is passionate about working with each individual to empower them with tools to live their healthiest life using food to restore and fuel the bodies ability to heal.



Muscle tension release therapist

My interest in health and fitness started at a young age as a Leukemia survivor. This experience altered my life at a young age, but that didn’t stop me. I chose to choose this as motivation to give back. I started my fitness journey at 16 years old. From there it became a passion. I went to college to pursue my degree in Kinesiology with a focus on wellness in sports medicine and thus began my next chapter. After graduation I chose to learn more. Through the National Academy of Sports Medicine I became certified as a Personal Trainer (PT), Women’s Health & Fitness Specialist (WFS), Weight Loss Specialist (WLS), and Behaviour Change Specialist (BCS). I then became a Muscle Tension Release Therapist and mixed that practice with my energy healing modalities.



The Mentor Chef Creating delicious recipes with healing foods specifically for you

From a young age Maria had a love of eating and preparing delicious food. In 1995 she received a degree in Culinary Arts from Newbury College. She worked at a bakery and went on to Olive’s restaurant where she was the assistant pastry chef. Once she became a mother, she began doing personal chef work. In the last two years, she began having health problems and looked for alternative ways to help herself feel better. That is when she radically changed her diet. The restrictions were tough, and she felt deprived for a while, but then she put her knowledge and expertise to work finding recipes and altering them to work with her restrictions. This was a game changer. Instead of feeling deprived, she felt inspired. Now she wants to help other people find dishes that they can make and enjoy while accommodating their unique food restrictions. “ You deserve to look forward to your next meal!” Maria says.