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How can Frequency Therapy benefit me?

The Energy Enhancement System generates multiple bioactive life enhancing energy fields. By using a combination of invisible scalar waves and bio photons, these bright beautiful colors create a form of light therapy that penetrates deep into the body on a cellular level.

This technology is safe and non invasive. Our bodies positively respond to this natural field of energy and it only enhances our being and its ability to restore and regenerate. It is the perfect self care environment for yourself or loved one.

what does a session look like?

Most individuals choose to start out with a 2 hour session, although you can stay for a 3 hour or 4 hour session as well. Upon your arrival you will be shown a cubby to store your shoes and cell phone.

Our environment is shoe free to create a clean and comfortable environment for all of our guests. You will then be escorted to the lounge where you will have an option of sitting in a  comfortable reclining chair or an oversized bean bag. During your session there will be relaxing music playing in the background.  Many guests report that they can feel their body deeply relax soon after entering the room. We invite you to rest deeply and quiet your mind.


What are the benefits from being in the Energy Enhancement field?

Users have reported better stress tolerance, relief from pain, deeper sleep, emotional balance and reduction in current symptoms. When our body is more balanced, we tend to have more resilience to life's stressors and better health.


Is the Energy Enhancement System right for me?

Everyone can benefit from frequency therapy! The EE System is safe for all to use and does not exclude any specific conditions. Yes, that is correct it is safe if you have any implants, pacemakers, or existing health conditions. This energy field is gentle enough to relax even the most restless visitors. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.


How should I prepare for my visit?

Although no specific preparation is needed, some people like to detoxify their body before coming in. Click here to learn more (insert link to detox bath recipe) about the detox bath. We encourage visitors to come in comfortable clothing and nourish your body with clean water and whole foods before and after your visit. For a nutritional consult click here

book an over night stay.

At the energy lounge we offer the option to stay overnight and sleep in the EE System. We have 2 individual beds and additional cots to accommodate sleeping arrangements comfortably. For parties over 4 people please contact us directly and we will be happy to see how we can provide assistance. We strive to meet your needs to make sure you will be as comfortable as possible during your 12 hour stay overnight. For your safety and comfort, a staff member will be onsite if any assistance is needed and will be in a separate area to ensure your privacy. We recommend coming in your sleepwear and bringing any of personal hygiene products like toiletries, as well as any snacks or books that you may desire to bring with you. We are happy to provide to plenty of water and tea for your leisure.


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