Frequency Therapy

Customized frequency therapy with Ondamed

Ondamed is a sophisticated frequency therapy device. Safe and non invasive, Ondamed is the perfect way to spark transformation in your life. Are you ready for a better you? 

Trained Practitioners gather information from the client’s pulse to identify the exact frequency range that will create a response in your autonomic nervous system. The gentle energetic vibrations  wake up specific areas of stagnation, jumpstart cellular repair and reduce inflammation in a very specific way. This approach is extremely individual. 

After a series of sessions with our practitioners,  clients typically report: 

–        A greater sense of wellbeing

–       Reduced pain, elimination of pain

–       Increased energy 

–       Better sleep

–       Better mood 

–       Increased level of tolerance to stress 

–       Better immune response

Each session includes customized wellness coaching to assist you on your path to the best you.