Muscle Tension Release Therapy

Muscle tension release therapy

The practitioner assists the client through various ranges of motion that help increase joint movement and range of motion, promotes relaxation, increases mood, helps with stress and reduces pain. 

Stretch therapy is for everyone and is tailored to the client and their needs based on careful assessment from the professional. All parts of the session use a top down method. We start with the head and neck and move systematically through the rest of the body including the back, hips, legs and feet. Using this simple method  allows the practitioner to find the sources of stress, over and underactive muscle groups, and other muscular imperfections and imbalances within the body. 

At the end of your session we use targeted laser therapy to help reduce inflammation, and promote healing to specific identified areas of dysfunction.

Monday 11-7 Tuesday and Thursday 11-4pm

1 hour of stretch 10 min of laser