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Gradient Fluid


Meet founder Grace Talamante, and hear her powerful story that led to the creation of Elevate Spa 

Just shy of my 26th birthday, at the height of my career as a healthcare administrator, my life forever changed. It all started with catching the flu, and rapid sequence of debilitating symptoms suddenly followed this flu-like episode. Over the next 5 years I experienced a variety of symptoms such as chronic flu sensations, sporadic hearing loss, sudden limb paralysis, chronic stabbing pain, frequent seizures and debilitating fatigue that made even standing in the shower feel like an impossible task... I saw many Doctors, all giving me varying diagnoses and labels that left no room for a cure. I hit dead end after dead end and I was getting progressively worse. The fear of having to accept that this was my new life was starting to look like reality. My strong faith in Jesus Christ gave me strength and perseverance to continue to fight for my health. I started researching day and night and I developed a strong belief that the body can heal itself given the correct tools and environment.  I decided that I was not going to accept a label because labels had limitations. From that moment on I stopped chasing a diagnosis and starting searching for methods to repair and support my bodies ability to heal itself.  


My healing finally began when I was introduced to a form of frequency therapy. I stopped taking various medications and employing the treatments that were failing me. I started a regimen of supportive nutrition, natural remedies, emotional work, and, most importantly, targeted energy response techniques that led to my recovery. Within four months of starting this new, natural treatment, the seizures stopped, and my recovery began. I was healed using new methods, where the traditional avenues of healing had failed me for years and financially, cost me everything. 

I felt a duty to export my experience to help others live a better life by combining a traditional spa experience with the methods and technologies that saved my life." 

There is something for everyone here. Whether you are looking for relaxation therapy, rejuvenation, a boost to your system or a fresh new start, our technology is safe and non-invasive. We believe the future of self-care is here, and we want it to be accessible to all! We welcome you to experience an elevated spa. 💙

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